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Introduction to the GeoMOOSE Wiki

This is the community Wiki of GeoMOOSE. Please refer to the official web site for official documents and policies. This Wiki is the place where documents such as planning notes, contributions, documentation, and proposals can be created collaboratively.

For additional help on wiki syntax and page editing options please visit [1]. You can also use this page, wiki_template_page, as a starter template by clicking the page, clicking edit, copying everything, hitting cancel, going to the page you want to make and then pasting this template in and going from there.


Documentation on the GeoMOOSE software is an important part of any open source project. Documentation is categorized as Reference Guides and "How To" documents. If you have user tips or code examples to contribute those should be placed in the User Tips/Code Snippets page. If you there are frequently asked questions you are answer those should go in the FAQ page.

User Extensions Repository

User Extensions are code that is not part of the GeoMOOSE core code see adding a user extension. They are typically unique business uses for organizations that don't fit as part of the core code. GeoMOOSE is very flexibly by allowing developers to contribute code to the community as an extension. To add your user extension please to to the User Extension page and document the extension.

Training / User Tips / Commercial Support




Promotional Materials

09 14 2012 Roadmap Planning Meeting