GeoMoose 3

There are two demo applications maintained for GeoMoose 3:

The full (or desktop) version is the primary development target and strives to showcase all of GeoMoose’s features. While this version primarily targets desktop browsers, it also strives to maintain usability on (larger) mobile devices.

The lite (or mobile) version is an example of an alternate interface with tweaked HTML and CSS to make it easier to use on small touch screens. Please note that the lite version is provided as an example of what can be done and is not given the same level of scrutiny and testing as the full version.

The editing version is an example of the full version configured to allow editing of a layer and saving changes to WFS-T server (TinyOWS). See the docs for information on how to configure a layer for editing. Thanks to GatewayGeo for hosting this demo.

Click on one of the icons below to the demos.