Developer Documentation

GeoMoose 3

Interested in GeoMoose development? Our GitHub repository is the best place to look!

GeoMoose 2

We have migrated to GitHub’s Issue management system. To view or file issues click the link for the appropriate version of GeoMoose.

GeoMoose uses GitHub for its source control. Instructions and details for setting up a development environment are available in

API Docs are available here. The API docs reference master.

Version specific API documentation is included with each install.

Requests for Comments

Requests for Comments (RFCs) are proposals guiding the GeoMoose project and software development process. They must be submitted to the geomoose-users mailing list, publicly debated on the list, then the GeoMoose Project Steering Committee (PSC) votes to determine if they will be officially adopted by the project.