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RFC 2: GeoMOOSE Project Mission (What is GeoMOOSE)

Author:Eli Adam, Brent Fraser
Contact:eadam at ...
Last Updated:05/01/2012


This document describes the GeoMOOSE Project Mission. The mission of GeoMOOSE is to provide a complete, easy to use web application, building on other OSGeo Projects where possible.


  • GeoMOOSE is a web mapping appplication that comes with a working demo that can be changed to work with your data.
  • GeoMOOSE offers an optional but often desirable server side component (MS/PHP for printing, buffer, other functions) which constitute a complete application.
  • GeoMOOSE is simple to install and flexible.
  • GeoMOOSE is modular and configurable (configuration is done by an xml control file).
  • GeoMOOSE is a framework including a rich, highly customiazable API and web services architecture upon which you can build.
  • GeoMOOSE’s primary users are GIS professionals, server administrators, or system implementers. Most are not professional web programmers.
  • The GeoMOOSE project will use the website ( as a representation of the current status of the project including the mission, coding standards, documentation, FAQ, and other relevant information.

Observations (Why we need a Mission Statement)

  • Formally adopting a mission provides a good foundation from which to make GeoMOOSE project decisions.
  • Goals and objectives can be used as guidance when deciding to change features and which changes require RFCs
  • Stating clear goals and objectives makes them easily and widely accessible.
  • Clear goals and objectives will make it easy for potential users and developers to decide if they want to participate.
  • This also requires the existence of an FAQ that covers filing bugs, requesting enhancements, asking questions, contributing funding, other GeoMOOSE project operations, etc.
  • This formalizes some things that are mostly already covered on the website or informally established.

Voting History

Passed on 5/1/2012 with PSC +1 votes from Brian, Dan, Jim, Brent, and Eli