GeoMoose 3.1.0 Release Notes


  • Search can now select a layer, search example now shows searching by multiple fields.

  • Added a ‘Start Over’ button that clears the URL hash to reset the UI.

  • Grid Templates now support src attributes.

  • Added query-as attribute to <layer> to allow displaying a raster layer and querying against a vector layer.

  • Added GeoPDF encoding to JavaScript prints.

  • JSON layers are now queryable in memory. Include the sketch layers.

  • Added better error handling to the file-upload dialog.

Bug Fixes

  • Added a new button to remove the previous selection when all queries are cleared.

  • Cleaned up HTML in index.html to better spec the character set.

  • Grid filter now works with repeat items.

  • Application.zoomTo honors zoom level and not resolution.

  • Fixed Lat/Lon coordinate order.

  • Fixed default values for select inputs.

  • Fixed KML uploads on Windows.

  • Changing results list will now appropriately clear the map.


  • Updated React to 16 and OpenLayers.