GeoMoose 3.3.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Documentation fixes.

  • Fixes to Coordinate Display logic.

  • Refactor to fix internal state issues.

  • Update build system linter (to keep code clean).

  • Fix tests as much as possible on Windows (make canvas/xmlshim optional)

  • Prevent zoom-to-point causing the singularity (set minimum zoom bounding box).

New Features

  • Update to OpenLayers 5

  • Add support for validating user-entered data in fields of a query.

  • Restore min/max-resolution support for layers in catalog. (Note: this is similar to min/max-scale in GeoMoose 2.9 but uses different units for OpenLayers 3+).

  • Allow admin to configure selection/results.

  • Allow labeling draw tools in services.

  • Added support for OR operator in queries.

  • Allow admins to change styling of highlight and results layers.