GeoMoose 3.5.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • More autoGo=true fixes

  • Fix for cross-origin WMS requests

  • Fix resolution/page size state bugs when restarting print tool

  • Fix printing international characters

  • Fix drawing/tool state issues

  • Fix coordinate display precision issues

  • Fix keyboard bypass of field checks

  • Fix identify tool on mobile example

New Features

  • Add box drawing tool

  • Mobile example overhaul

    • Remove JQuery

    • Fix CSS issues

  • Updated Documentation

  • Improved tab toggler

  • Add scale-line to printout

  • Renamed npm package to @geomoose/gm3 for publishing on npm

  • Add Zoom Jumper (jump-to-zoom control)

  • CSS updates and cleanup

  • Tests cleanup

  • New npm based build system (drop Grunt)

  • Add highlighting to search results

  • Update measure tool to include initialUnits

  • Add hidden inputType for services