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GeoMoose is a Web Client JavaScript Framework for displaying distributed cartographic data. GeoMoose has a number of strengths including modularity, configurability, and delivers a number of core functionalities in its packages. GeoMoose is also very light weight for servers making it easy to handle a large number of users, with a large number of layers, and a large number of services without stressing a server.

The GeoMoose core is written using JavaScript and HTML. It is entirely possible to run GeoMoose with nothing more than a basic web server (Nginx, Apache, IIS). GeoMoose 3.0 can perform complex queries like selecting, buffering and drill-down identify all without using a server-side scripting language. We exercise the functionality exposed by WMS, WFS, and other feature services to provide a dynamic experience for the user and easy administration.


GeoMoose News

8/18/2023 - GeoMoose 3.12.0 Released

Cool new measure tool, oh, and some fixes. See GeoMoose 3.12.0 Release Notes for details.

5/19/2023 - GeoMoose 3.11.0 Released

Lots of fixes and some new stuff. See GeoMoose 3.11.0 Release Notes for details.

7/29/2022 - GeoMoose 3.10.1 Released

Small bugfix release: restore highligh defaults, fix geocoder. See GeoMoose 3.10.1 Release Notes for details.

6/28/2022 - GeoMoose 3.10.0 Released

Security updates of dependencies, new feature to disable highlight for a layer and service. See GeoMoose 3.10.0 Release Notes for details.

3/24/2022 - GeoMoose 3.9.0 Released

Lots of bugfixes, some new features. See GeoMoose 3.9.0 Release Notes for details.

8/30/2021 - GeoMoose 3.8.0 Released

WFS-T Editing is here! Also included are many bugfixes, new translations, and major updates of the documentation.

2/8/2021 - GeoMoose 3.7.0 Released

While the team is busy at work with new editing features, we have also snuck in a solid maintenance release!

  • Updated underlying dependency libraries.

  • Added support for rendering the USNG grid on the map.

  • Lat/Lon coordinate precision will now adjust based on the zoom level.

  • The catalog can now be hidden.

  • Added new Bookmark Modal dialog.

  • Updated and reorganized docs.

  • Legends can now be included in print outputs!

9/14/2020 - Happenings in the ‘Moose World

Hey folks! It’s been a few months since a release but we are actively working on a 3.7! We are also doing some planning on longer term projects such as updating the styling APIs and bringing back editing.

We are also seeking anyone interested in participating more actively in the project by becoming involved in the PSC. Feel free to email the mailing list, or the PSC chair directly (theduckylittle / gmail.com).

6/17/2020 - GeoMoose 3.6.2 - Bug fix release

Squashed a few more bugs that made their way into 3.6.

GeoMoose 3.6.2 Release Notes details what was fixed.

5/28/2020 - GeoMoose 3.6.1 - The beauty of open source

A few missed bugs were found in the initial release! But thanks to some dedicated effort, the bugs were fixed and a new release was put together.

GeoMoose 3.6.1 Release Notes details what was fixed.

5/27/2020 - GeoMoose 3.6.0 Release

This is a giant one! A lot of work has gone into new features and bringing up parity with the last 2.X versions of GeoMoose.

The release notes have a complete list but these are some of the highlights:

  • i18n support! Yes! Translation is available for nearly every element in the UI. The translation tools are even applied to labels coming in from the mapbook, allowing the mapbook to more language agnostic as well as the built-in tools and strings!

  • More search options! The demo has been configured to allow for a number of improved searching options. Including the ability to search multiple fields with multiple search terms!

  • Drawing and Markup layer now supports labels!

  • The Select service now supports keepAlive. This allows keeping the last draw tool “alive” after results have returned to allow repeated selections.

  • Results from the grid can now be buffered! There is a new tool to allow buffering a specific result from the table. This is fuller realized version of the GM 2.X “buffer follow up” service.

  • A number of state-bugs have been fixed and internal state has been simplified to prevent them in the future.

  • React, OpenLayers, and the associated dependencies have all been upgraded to their latest versions.

See GeoMoose 3.6.0 Release Notes for more!

4/15/2020 - More new features coming soon!

A big thanks to some generous sponsorship have helped move a few GeoMoose features forward!

  • New search examples that demonstrate how to do a single-search field to search multiple fields.

  • Upgraded OpenLayers to OpenLayers 6.1! This has a ton of performance improvements and enables better vector styling.

  • Thanks to the upgrade in OpenLayers, the Drawing and Markup layer will get labels!

3/28/2020 - GeoMoose 3.5.1 Release

A minor bugfix release.

See GeoMoose 3.5.1 Release Notes for more!

2/12/2020 - GeoMoose 3.5.0 Release

The GeoMoose team has been busy the past few months. Lot’s of hard work has produced many bug fixes and new features. Be sure to check out the new version.

See GeoMoose 3.5.0 Release Notes for more!

8/30/2019 - GeoMoose 3.4.0 Release

Fixed select with autogo=true. Added support for attribution on the map. See GeoMoose 3.4.0 Release Notes for more!

5/17/2019 - GeoMoose 3.3.1 Release

Fixed a few major bugs from the OpenLayers 5 upgrade and corrected a few long standing issues. See GeoMoose 3.3.1 Release Notes for more!

2/6/2019 - GeoMoose 3.3.0 Release

Lots of bug fixes and a few new features. See GeoMoose 3.3.0 Release Notes for details.

11/6/2018 - GeoMoose 2.x Retirement - April 2019


Due to GeoMoose 2.x requiring now very old versions of it dependencies it is becoming increasingly difficult to support. As such, the GeoMoose team is announcing retirement for the GeoMoose 2.x series as April 2019.

This doesn’t mean your older GeoMoose installations will suddenly stop working. However, the GeoMoose 2.9 demo (on https://demo.geomoose.org/2.9) will be shutdown and the development team won’t have ready access to develop and test changes to the 2.x series. As such, the GeoMoose team recommends upgrading to GeoMoose 3.x.


GeoMoose 2.x requires old versions of Dojo (1.6) and OpenLayers (2.13). Neither of these libraries are currently under development or supported upstream. Updating to current versions of these libraries requires major reworking of the GeoMoose 2.x code. (In fact, this is what prompted the development of the GeoMoose 3.x series).

The bigger problem is that PHP services shipped with GeoMoose 2.x require PHP 5 and PHP MapScript. These don’t exist in recent Linux distributions (e.g. Debian Stretch/Ubuntu 16.04 and newer). The April 2019 date is set to coincide with Ubuntu 14.04 EOL.

8/13/2018 - Performance improvements coming

Finding GeoMoose 3 a little slow? Tests between GeoMoose 2.X and 3 initially showed quite a few performance benefits. We have still found this to be true but there’s always room for improvement! A few major components were doing extra memoization and taking up way too much memory.

The branch with the performance improvements is still a work in progress but for this interested the pull request can be found here!

6/25/2018 - GeoMoose 3.2.1 Release

Add a polyfill to fix an IE11 regression in 3.2.0.

4/12/2018 - GeoMoose 3.2.0 Release

After fighting quite a few dependency demons in NPM, we’ve taken the time to update the build system! All of our dependencies are now on the the latest versions. We’ve also started to add the npm “lock” file to the repo to prevent inconsistencies with build and testing.

GeoMoose 3.2.0 Release Notes has more details on all the fixed bugs!

11/28/2017 - GeoMoose 3.1.0 Release

Many bug fixes! Great set of new features!

See GeoMoose 3.1.0 Release Notes for more details!

9/24/2017 - GeoMoose 3.0.1 Release

Today’s GeoMoose 3.0.1 release contains bug fixes and lots of documentation updates.

See GeoMoose 3.0.1 Release Notes for details.

9/11/2017 - Still at it! 3.0.1 on the Horizon

After the great feedback from FOSS4G, and some tickets from early adopters, we’ve been studiously working towards the 3.0.1 release. There will be a great collection of small changes. Stay tuned for a release!

8/15/2017 - FOSS4G Workshop Day

@theduckylittle will be teaching a GeoMoose 3.0.0 workshop at FOSS4G in Boston today!

For those who can’t make it, we have made the workshop contents available online.

Find it in the GitHub pages. Fun fact, this RST presentation can be turned into PDF slides using pandoc and beamer!

Look for the GeoMoose 3.0.0 presentation tomorrow!

8/10/2017 - 3.0.0 is OFFICIAL!

With a full year of hard work the GeoMoose team is proud to announce the official 3.0.0 release!

This is the first major rewrite of GeoMoose in nearly 10 years. This newest version offers a great upgrade over the the 2.X line in GeoMoose:

  1. Modern JavaScript frameworks. GM3 is based on React, OpenLayers 4, JSTS, Babel, and Webpack. This makes GeoMoose development and deployment platform independent and easy to extends.

    Not a fan of React and ES6? No fear! GeoMoose’s examples are written in traditional JavaScript.

  2. We’re exercising even more standards. GM3 does not use PHP but still can perform identify, select, and buffer operations! It does this by using JSTS to do client-side geometry manipulation and the querying capabilities of WFS and FeatureServices.

    That also means no more MapServer templates! Templates can now be defined right in the mapbook using the Mark.up template engine.

  3. There are so many other great features! Try the Demo and read the Quickstarts!. The full 3.0.0 documentation can be found here!

Finally, a huge thank you to the MN.IT with the Minnesota DOT. They provided a lot of technical assistance, review, and funding for this release!

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