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1/12/2017 - GeoMOOSE Version 2.9.2 Released

GeoMOOSE 2.9.2 is a bug fix release that includes fixes for 2.9.1 and 2.9.2. (2.9.1 was never officially released).

See GeoMOOSE 2.9.1 Release Notes and GeoMOOSE 2.9.2 Release Notes for details.

5/19/2016 - GeoMOOSE Version 2.9.0 Released

After months of hard work, we are pleased to bring you GeoMOOSE 2.9.0.

There were lots of new stuff and bug fixes for 2.9.0.

See GeoMOOSE 2.9.0 Release Notes for details.

10/2/2015 - GeoMOOSE Version 2.8.1 Released

The GeoMOOSE project is excited to announce the 2.8.1 release!

The 2.8.1 release fixes bugs that were in 2.8.0.

Check the GeoMOOSE 2.8.1 Release Notes for more details.

6/20/2015 - GeoMOOSE Version 2.8.0 Released

The GeoMOOSE project is excited to announce the 2.8.0 release!

2.8.0 fixes bugs that were in 2.7.1 and also includes some new exciting features.

Check the GeoMOOSE 2.8.0 Release Notes for more details.

11/12/2014 - GeoMOOSE Version 2.7.1 Released

After few months of work, the GeoMOOSE project is excited to announce the 2.7.1 release!

2.7.1 is a bug fix release for 2.7 which means it should be better than 2.7 in every way.

Check the GeoMOOSE 2.7.1 Release Notes for more detail.

9/13/2014 - GeoMOOSE Version 2.7 Released

After 18 months of work, the GeoMOOSE project is excited to announce the 2.7 release!

2.7 features major bug fixes in nearly every corner of the application. Version 2.7 should work with all 2.6 mapbooks and extensions. This is a great set of upgrades and ready for installation!

Check the GeoMOOSE 2.7 Release Notes for more detail.

4/17/2013 - GeoMOOSE has graduated OSGeo Project Incubation

We are exited to announce that the GeoMOOSE project has graduated from OSGeo incubation.

4/6/2013 - Come see us at FOSS4G-NA 2013

Come visit us at FOSS4G-NA 2013 in Minneapolis, MN from May 21-24. GeoMOOSE started in Minnesota and was first presented in very early form at OSG ‘05. As OSG ‘05 was a precursor to the FOSS4G conferences, we feel FOSS4G-NA 2013 is a homecoming for the project. There will be a GeoMOOSE workshop (presented as part of the MN GIS/LIS Consortium’s spring workshops) in the afternoon on May 21st. GeoMOOSE developers will be attending the conference and we plan to grab a table at the code sprint on Friday the 24th. Friday is a free day, so even if you can’t attend the rest of the conference, stop by and see us during the code sprint. Also, be sure to check out the other projects at the sprint and the free presentations.

2/12/2013 - GeoMOOSE 2.6.1 Ready to Rumble

Many, many, bug fixes and enhancements to the GeoMOOSE 2.6 family! This is a very worthwhile download and smoothes out a number of the quirks with GeoMOOSE 2.6. Check it out now! Downloads and GeoMOOSE 2.6.1 Release notes.

6/14/2012 - GeoMOOSE 2.6 Available for Download

Two months of testing completed, GeoMOOSE 2.6.0 is ready! Complete with Dojo integration and an updated OpenLayers! Downloads and GeoMOOSE 2.6 Release notes.

4/13/2012 - GeoMOOSE 2.6 RC1 Available Now

After nearly a year of development the new GeoMOOSE is here! The website has been updated with the new GeoMOOSE logo and the documentation is updating to include all of the new 2.6 features. For some assistance on the differences between 2.4 and 2.6 please visit GeoMOOSE 2.6 Release

5/13/2011 - GeoMOOSE 2.4 Available Now!

Two months of testing completed, GeoMOOSE 2.4 is ready for download! Check the downloads page for the latest updates! GeoMOOSE 2.4 Release

3/25/2011 - GeoMOOSE 2.4RC1 Ready for Download

After over a year we have assembled the first release candidate for GeoMOOSE 2.4. This integrates a lot of minor enhancements and fixes that have been contributed to the code, please download and test!

2/18/2010 - GeoMOOSE 2.2 Officially Released

The offical GeoMOOSE 2.2 Release has arrived! This is the version is worth the upgrade from any 1.X series of GeoMOOSE installations. View the full release notes: GeoMOOSE 2.2 Release.

2/3/2010 - NEW WEBSITE!

The new website is much improved:
  • We have live demos.
  • A new Gallery!
  • A new Trac ticketing system that allows any GeoMOOSE user to submit a ticket to GeoMOOSE developers.

2/3/2010 - GeoMOOSE 2.2 RC1 Released

This is THE real 2.2 update. This is the first RC, we will take another week for bugs to be filed in the new Trac system. View the GeoMOOSE 2.2 Release and check out all the new features!

10/9/2009 - GeoMOOSE 2.0.1 Released

Great update! Download and Install! View The GeoMOOSE 2.0.1 Release.

8/20/2009 - Updated Documentation

We’ve added some important new documentation. UN*X installation instructions (for packages starting with 2.0.1) and a comprehensive list of configuration options that can be set in the mapbook. Check ‘em out!

7/21/2009 - GeoMOOSE 2.0 Released

GeoMOOSE 2.0 released! See downloads to get your copy. Also, we’ve rolled out this shiney new website!