GeoMoose 3.6.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Select behavior when defaulting to feature-select.

  • Startup services now set the state correctly and do not cause a refresh bug with coordinates in the URL hash.

New Features

  • i18n Support! Includes English and Spanish translation dictionaries. included

  • Buffer a result. This allows for buffering a specific result from a query for follow up work.

  • WMS are now scale-aware and will re-fetch the legend when the map zoom changes.

  • Multiple features can be selected from a layer using the shift key for services that allow selecting features from the map.

  • Added syntax to support a “list of likes” this allows searches to be configured to search multiple fields with multiple values with only partial term matching and ignores case.

  • Services can now be configured to zoom to their results automatically.

  • The Grid can now be configured to start minimized.

  • keepAlive setting has been restored to Select. This allows the user to keep drawing new polygons even after results have returned.

  • Drawing and Markup layer now supports feature labels

  • Added new plug-in architecture for advanced integrations.

Housecleaning and Maintenance

  • OpenLayers and React have both been upgraded to their most recent versions.

  • Unnecessary state has been removed from a number of components.

  • When removing state, many components were ported to being functional components and using hooks for better performance.

  • ol-mapbox-style has been upgraded instead of the old pinned version that was used internally.

  • Documentation for all of the above has been added!